Parcels love

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Ever since I came to Malaysia,
I will receive parcels once in awhile from my lovely friends
Every time my friends said they have sent me a parcel,
I will start expecting it.
if I stay home, I will hope the postman will ring the doorbell,
if not, I will hope there’s a parcel lying on my bed, waiting, every time I go home

Yeah, I know it is just a parcel, but whenever you received one,
you will know there’s someone out there, missing you,
and wanting to send their love to you through a tiny little package
This feeling is just great. =)


From my beloved sister who recently trying to fill my pencil case =D


Valentine’s gift, two love shape balloons which I am too afraid to blow,
and a shoe V bought me from Holland. Allllll Pink =D


I love the moon cake key chain very much!
and some balm from Spain, yeah from Spain! <3

And one more thing I like about receiving gift is that it is interesting to find out what your friends buy for you. How I choose a gift for a friend is when I look at something, I think of her and I know she will love it, so I buy it. Therefore, looking at the things people sent you, you know they thought of you when they saw these things, something that represent you in their heart, maybe something that you like, some cartoon character that you love, or something that looks like you =D

I remember one year we were out of gift ideas, so we decided to let each other chose their own presents and we just paid for it. But we only did it once, because we all hate that we know what we were going to get before we got the presents. LOL So the next year, we all rather trouble ourselves a bit to shop for gifts.

Oscar nominations of the year…

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Finally decided to update my blog, hope you guys are still reading it. lol

I also decided to change my writting style a bit, to make it more interesting and won’t bored you guys to death.

The 82nd  Oscar nominations list have been out for almost a week, and i was busy catching up with the Best picture movies. Finally finished half of them which is five, since they have increased the number to ten movies this year.

I am gonna talk a bit of each that i have finished and more will be coming after I finished them.



I am sure this is the best known movie of the year and many people like it for the effects. Me myself have watched the 3D version of it and without any doubt that it is awesome as a 3D movie, however the plot is just a bit too normal, we all know what to expect throughout the movies. So, if you ask me, no, for the Best Picture but yes, for Visual effects.


Have talked about this movie earlier, watched the 3D version as well, though the visual effects is not very remarkable, but I like the story itself very much. It is not very often for a cartoon to be normanate in the Best Picture Award, so this movie certainly catched some attentions. It is quite outstanding from other disney movies, have dropped some traditional plots, but in my oponion, still not good enough for the Best Picture. However, you guys really should watch it.
More on :

Inglourious Basterds

inglourious-basterdsThe movie is good, won’t be too boring as a history-based movie, a bit violence to me though. However, I extremely like the idea of ‘The Basterds’ carving a swastika into those Nazi soldiers foreheads, they either kill them or send them back with a swstika on their foreheads, which provided some humors. Plus, the lines are very well written and meaningful. I will give it 4 stars out of 5.

Up in The Air

up in the airFinished last night, which I think somehow it is a bit boring, but you can’t say it was a bad movie, kinda meaningful too. The story is about a guy who’s up in the air for more than 250 days a year, never really stay home, no family, bad relationships with sisters, don’t really have a friend and having an affair with a married woman. At the end when he finally wants to get some connection with people, he realized he is all alone. Oh, and I love one line particularly, ‘Life is better with company.’ =)

District 9

district 9

By far my favorite among five, which has an outstanding plot, aliens as refugees and trapped on earth. I also like the way they film and tell the story, not the usual way but from interviews, newreporting and else, you feel like you were watching actual news about all this aliens on earth. It also gets you to think about something deep. A movie that you shouldn’t miss.

So, which movie you guys think will get the Best Picture Awards?

To all the lovers, who separated by Distance and Time

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‘This song is dedicated to all the lovers, who can’t be together,
separated by distance and time.’ This is what Alicia Keys said right at the beginning of the song, a song that told the feeling of a lot of people in the world.

I think many of us, would have experience this feeling somehow in our life, no matter it is long distance relationship or something that can be but never has the chance to, because of the distance, some words are left untold; because not knowing how long will us be gone, so we bury that three words deep inside our heart.

Someone is lucky to find the person still waiting after years, though many go home and find their heart broken, the unsecure feeling, the distance, the time, the promise that never confirmed have stopped people from waiting. Or there are people, who never been told they are loved, who never know there was a person longing to go home and tell them they love them, so they moved on.

Maybe distance seems nothing to us in the modern world, cause we can always get on a plane or a train and go home. Yet, with this convenience, there are more people who go overseas for studies or business, more people were separated, and with all the doubts and unsure feeling, most people choose to move on then wait. It seems technology didn’t bring us any goods.

And if you have to walk a million miles  
I'll wait a million days to see you smile  
Distance and time, I'll be waiting
Distance and time, I'll be waiting  
Will you take a train, to meet me where I am  
Are you on your way

Is there anyone that you hope he can listen to this song?
Is there anyone that you wish you could tell him those words you never say?

The Time Traveler’s Wife – A gift or A Curse

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ttw 2

Just watched this movie couple days ago. I remember reading the book last year but stopped half way coz I dun like the writing style, as it is rather confusing writing from both the guy and the girl’s point of view, but the story is interesting, a time traveler.

It is equally interesting to imagine yourself as a time traveler, someone who can travel to the past and the future. Yet, the movie seems to shape it as a tragedy, a sad story. I never cried so much since P.S I Love You. and it is really touching. It also gets me to think whether it was a gift or a curse being a time traveler.

The story tends to make it the sad way, when Henry missed the wedding ceremony; when Henry left during wedding night; when Claire can’t carry a baby probably because the babies inherited the traveler’s genes and kept traveling out the mum’s body; and when Henry traveled and shot by Claire’s dad while hunting, how ironic was everything. However, also because he can travel, he got to see his mum again and again, even she died while he was six; he also got to meet little Claire, the love of his life; he also got to see his grown up daughter even she was just five when he died; he can also get every one prepared before he died. All of these make me think it is actually a gift, to be able to time travel, not a curse.

Time Traveler's Wife, The
September 20, 2007
Photo by Alan Markfield/

To license this image (14852944), contact NewLine:
U.S. +1-212-686-8900 / U.K. +44-207-868-8940 / Australia +61-2-8262-9222 / Japan: +81-3-5464-7020
+1 212-686-8901 (fax) (e-mail) (web site)How many of us hoping to see the people we love and we miss after they were gone, even just inside the dreams? How many of us wishing that we could meet our loved one ever since they were a child? How many of us hoping we can go back in time to tell someone the words that we never get the chances to tell? How many of us ever dream to be a time traveler, hoping to go back to the past, to see, to experience important events of the life again, and to the future, to see who will be our other half, to get prepare for out death and so on?

Time traveling is a gift, and when we were given a gift, sometimes we have to sacrifices something else, this is the rule of life.

What does New Year means to you?

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Never realizes time really flies until every New Year Eve
It is amazing having the feeling that you have gone through a year in two seconds,
at 11:59:59, you were still at 2009, and the next second, ding! It’s 2010!
Everything happened in 2009 seems so far away now.

Some of my friends like to do a review every year, about whether they completed all the goals that they set in the previous year. For me, New Year is just a festival, something like Christmas, that people celebrate, but somehow, I realize it can mean something more.

I never do a review, yet don’t know since when I will do some thinking before New Year. Thinking about things that happened in the year, all the goods and bads, no matter they have brought me happy or sad memories, think of it again, and put all of them behind. New Year, is the day for everything to restart again, getting the things that off-tracked, back on track again.  And maybe give yourself a direction of what to do for the year, not a goal, coz to me, goals are limits, it limits us to do something better or bigger. If we manage to fulfill the goal in six months, does it mean we can stop working hard for the coming months? So I don’t set up goals.

I always see New Year as another start, if you did bad in the previous year, forget them all and do better for the coming year, coz there is no point to keep being upset. If something really bothers you, one year is more than enough for us to moan or feel upset or whatever feeling you have, after one year, it is time to move on.

Take a deep breathe, 2010 is a new start for everyone.
If you missed the New Year countdown, it’s okay, tomorrow can be another start as well, everyday can be a brand new start, it depends on how we see about it. =D

Happy New Year guys! 2010 is gonna be a great year!

Lost – Not just another advanture

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A story about a group of people who survived a plane crush,
but ended up LOST on an island

The word Lost here, has more than one meaning, not just literally about these people who are lost on the island and longing to find their way home
It is also about these lost souls, hoping to find the meaning of their life, to have some clues about their life, they all have a story, a unique history, a painful past that they wanted to forget.


On this island, they were given a chance to stay away from everything, no matter they’re things that they were familiar or things that they want to run away from. They were given a chance to start a brand new life on the island, no one knows who they were, no one knows who everyone really is, but they all have a same aim, to survive on the island until someone come and bring them home.

There were only 46 people, they don’t have anyone else, but each other. When the time they spent with each other increase, they learnt more and more about each other as well, but past means nothing to them, as they were isolated on this island, past is just past, no one really cares, only their past knowledge and skills are useful, but not their story. These people were given this chance to pick up the pieces that they left elsewhere in the past, they were given the chance to move on.


The show is already moving to their sixth season, but I am only watching the second season. It maybe a bit late to talk about the show now =D However, you should give it a try if you never watch it before. It is not just an adventure, it is more than that. It is not only about the excitement, or challenges they needed to face on the island; not only about finding, revealing secret of the island, it is also about themselves, finding themselves again, even they’re on an island that has nothing to do with the modern world, there are still things that remind them of their past, that they have to face and get over, they learn to be more then just what they were. face it or run away; lost and find; stay there or move on; uncovering the secrets of the island and of each other; and become more understanding or even more Lost. They all longing for an answer, or maybe we all do.

Have you ever feel lost in your life?

Why blogging?

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Have you ever wonder, why people start blogging?
Is it because they desperately need a place to express their thoughts?
Or they want to share their thoughts and hoping to find someone who think the same way? Or it is just a way for people to earn money?
So, what is your reason of blogging?

I have been blogging since form 3, I guess
At first, it was just a way for me to express my feelings
Something that I might not say it face-to-face,
something that I want to share with friends,
it was more like a journal, a place for me to write down something important,
something I hope I can remember for long time, so I wrote them down
Or maybe something I want to tell my friend, but I decided not to say it face-to-face
so I wrote them down, because somehow, I think people are more willing to read than hear, it seems easier for us to accept or absorb something by reading
I always think words have a magical power, sometimes they can touch our heart more than other things

As blogging is getting more and more popular nowadays.
my aim of blogging change, it is not just a personal journal
Sometimes, there are people that we don’t personal know will read our blog
So I decided to write about things that people can relate to
To me, blog is a place for us to share our own thoughts,
and hoping someone out there who read it, can relate to it
can feel the same way, and can understand
It is a place for us to exchange our thoughts,
not just for us to crap about anything

It is always nice to know someone out there, maybe drop by,
and leave a massage, saying..
Hey, I agree with you/ I feel the same =)